Reducing the impact of homelessness and social exclusion  

Qualifications give you wings


In designing our programmes we communicate widely with local employers so that what we can help meet local needs.

We offer practical courses to improve skills, build confidence and prepare people for work with employability skills, ICT, English, Maths and Traineeships. See the Traineeship menu for information on Traineeships.

Our certificated courses include subjects such as literacy, numeracy, IT, and Employability Skills. We are OCR and BCS accredited and deliver training from Entry 1 through to Level 2. We also deliver the ECDL ICT qualification at Levels 1 and 2.

Grenfell Traineeships
Aimed at 16-23 year olds who are not quite ready for an apprenticeship. Eligibility: 16-18 year olds should have less than a full Level 3 qualification

19-23 year olds should have less than a full level 2 qualification

Activities include English, Maths and Employability qualifications and a work placement and support to get into apprenticeships or work

Take One
Aimed at 18+ benefits claimants signing on at Mitcham Jobcentre who are committed to finding work. Applicants have to have an SL2 form signed by the Jobcentre to confirm that they are eligible and that their work coach agrees to them joining the programme. Work programme participants are not eligible.

Intensive 6 week coaching programme that includes IAG, CV review, introductions to employers for jobs and work experience.

JSA claimants to be placed within 13 weeks

ESA claimants to be placed within 26 weeks

Funded by DWP Flexible Support Fund

We are a member of the London Learning Consortium.

The experience we have working with our tenants, means we know which courses to provide and how to offer them in the most effective way for people who may have had poor experiences of education in the past.

In 2013 148 people gained qualifications through Grenfell. Of the 100 long term unemployed people who used our service 40 gained sustainable employment.